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Here at Natart Made This we call it “Curly Texture Fluff” but it’s also known as Loose Curls.

Definition of

“Curly Texture Fluff”

It’s literally 100% wool straight from a sheep known for its curly locks like Wendsledale, Leicester Longwool and Teeswater. The best high quality wool melts apart in your fingers into each individual lock and the curls are lovely tight ringlets.
All the curls are individual strands not fixed to a base or in a large clump like a blanket. Some curls can be naturally felted loosely to one another but this will create some structure or they can easily be pulled apart.
‘Natart MadeThis’ carefully washes the fleece, scoures it for bits of twigs, hay and insects etc and then selects the very best curls just for you. For coloured Loose Curls the wool is then dyed using natural sources for a whole range of gorgeous colours!
Here are 4 ways you can use loose curls in your photography sessions.
  1. Super Versatile

You can sculpt the curls into any position you want. How about neat and tidy pushed down the sides of the bowl/basket or try a more messy look with the curls flowing over the edges of a bowl or bed. You can even arrange them flat on a bean bag with baby snuggled on top.
  1. You don’t have to use all of it!

Just because you have a lovely chiffon bag full of curls which nicely fill your basket doesn’t mean you have to use all of it!
Experiment with textured layers and use just a little bit of your curls sat on top of another layer or split it in half and use half in your bowl and half under your bowl.
  1. Don’t be afraid to pull it apart!

A number of curls often naturally felt together whilst on the sheep and therefore will be attached to each other if only loosely. You can easily pull them apart into individual curl strands giving you more options to style them as you want! Like enabling the curls to nicely flow and hang over the edge of your bowl or basket.
  1. Why not use more!

Buy 2 of the same colour for a really full basket or to enable the curls to flow over the edge onto the floor. A great idea is to go full frame… fill your image with just your baby totally surrounded by curls! Use a large basket or a beanbag.
Or buy 2 different colours and mix them together for a 2 tone effect or just more depth by combining 2 shades of the same colour together.
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Claire Wilson Photography
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Wolf and Feather Photography
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Kasia Soszka Photography

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